DB Full Body (Heavy Core) Workout

This one is a great one that really fires up and focuses on the core. Be sure to watch the video for proper form. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Grab your dumbbells (I used a pair of 10 lbs and a 25 lb one for the squats)

First 3 ROUNDS

Manmakers x 10

Unilateral weighted squat x 8 each side

1/2 turkish get up x 5 each side

Finish 4 Rounds

Plank DB to toes x 10

Plank knee to alt elbows x 10 each side (don’t alternate )

Halos x 20 total

DB Squat Jacks x 15

Now let’s get #sweatyasamother!

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Lunch Time Leg Workout

Another lunch time workout for Jax and I while Marlie slept. On the menu today: LEGS! Doing legs at home is a lot easier than you realize. You don't need any fancy equipment like a leg press machine, stair master, or a squat bar to fire up your lower-body muscles.

This one had my glutes on fire and I was so happy about it. You can do this circuit anywhere—your living room, a hotel room, a park — as long as you have some weights and space around you. That makes this workout the ultimate zero-excuse leg burner.

I used a 25 lb dumbbell for this workout and if you want to ramp it up you can add a band to the glute kickbacks and monster walks


DB squat to straight leg DL x 12

Glute kickbacks x 20 each leg

Goblet squat with 4 pulses at the bottom x 10

Single arm DB lunges x 12 each leg

HIIT Finisher 3x

Monster walks 4 forward and 4 back x 4

sprawl to squat x 12

fitting it in while we can

fitting it in while we can

DB Workout with HIIT Finisher

This is a great workout to do from any where as long as you have a pair of dumbbells!

The first 2 circuts are with weights and then the at one is HIIT (high intensity interval training) as I discussed in last weeks workout.

I love to finished with a HIIT type workout after a weight session to create that “after-burn”

Good luck and be sure to tag me @sweatyasamother #sweatyasamother if you complete this workout.


Single Arm Snatch x 15

Staggered deadlift x 10 each leg 

DB front squat to leg lift x 16 (I recommend adding a band around your lower leg)


Lateral lungs curl in the middle x  8 each direction 

Squat jumps x 20 

Dumbbell floor press x 15 

Finisher HIIT Burner


Star “Jax”  :20 seconds 

Mountain climbers :20 seconds 

Split lunges x :20 seconds 

Bicycles x :20 seconds 

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