Cardio + Legs

Looking for a good leg toner + burner? This is the perfect workout for you. By the last round I was feeling it in my legs and I was sore for days after

Be sure to watch our video!!

I started with a 10 minute warm-up on the treadmill and then moved into this workout. I added 10lb dumbbells to each hand to add weight and make it harder on the split squats

Marlie joined in for some of it and was loving the lateral step-overs. I love that she loves to join in and I have to laugh at her little (BIG) personality. (Be sure to watch the ending)

Complete 3 Rounds

Box Jumps or Step-ups x 15

Split squats x 12 each leg

Lateral step-overs x 20 each side

DB squat negatives x 15

The best workout partner!

equipment is optional, but here is what I used.

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