Oh Baby! Babywearing workout

As a mom, it can be hard to find time to workout and once you do find the time, sometimes the kids don’t want you to even put them down. That is why I am thankful for my Ergo 360 so I can wear my little one and do a workout.

It is fun to get creative and try to fit in as much as you can in the time you are give. I love a good challenge.

If you do not have a baby, don’t worry you can trade the baby for a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell!

I warmed up with 4 laps around the football field with the kids in the stroller (~.75 mi)

then I went through—

3 rounds of:

lunges x 20 (reverse lunges if you have knee issues)

Good mornings x 15

Side lunge with knee drive x 10 each direction

Dips x 15


I finished with a 3 mile run.

  • if you hate running or can’t run, try biking or going for a long walk!

Oh baby! Good luck

Oh baby! Good luck