Pride weekend upper body workout

Happy pride weekend 🌈

I’ve got a dumbbell workout to keep you moving this weekend! It had a lot of upper body but if you are a busy mom like me, it’s always nice to make them compound movements to target the whole body 🔥

Complete 3 rounds and 8 reps on each side of every exercise !! .

  1. Lunge sit back on heels to rotation x 8 each side

  2. curl to squat to curtsy x 8 each side

  3. side lunge 2 Rows x 8 each side

  4. sit back on heels to single arm press x 8 each side.

Good luck and challenge yourself by stepping up the weight of the dumbbells !!


Click this photo to see a series of videos of each exercise!

Click this photo to see a series of videos of each exercise!




This no equipment needed workout will get your heart rate pumping and whole body feeling it ! .

All you need is yourself, a little space, some motivation

Complete 3-4 rounds 

40 seconds of each exercise with. 10 second transition

  1. 10 higknees to sprawl

  2. 2 squat jacks 180°

  3. plank knee to elbow to knee drive

  4. 2 lunge knee drives to lunge pulse switch

  5. lateral side hops

Ready 👏🏼set 👏🏼sweat! #sweatyasamother

Click this photo for all the videos of each exercise !

Click this photo for all the videos of each exercise !

LEGS + TRX Finisher


I love working out with the whole family (Jax is napping) and thankful for our garage gym.

If you do not have a bar or TRX have no fear you can still complete this workout. Use heavy Dumbbells for your dead lifts and gliders or a towel on a wood floor instead of a TRX. (If you are confused message me and I can show you how to modify!)

5 rounds 


.2 mi sprint/run/jog .

3 rounds 

OH alt. Lunges x 20 .

3 rounds 




If you like this workout , be sure to share it and spread the sweat 💪🏼#sweatyasamother


Salute your glutes 🇺🇸

Happy 4th of July! Hope you guys are enjoying your day. I’m sharing with you a killer glute workout and you’ll need to add it to your routine. 💪🏼

3 x’s 

DB squat clean x 10

SL deadlift x 8 each 

DB glute bridges x 12



Squat to Good morning x 8

Weighted split squat x 8 each 

Low sit squat jacks x 12

Unilateral DB squat x 8 each .

Enjoy this #4thofjulyworkout anytime anywhere 🇺🇸#sweatyasamother

Click the photo for all the videos of each exercise !!

Lower Body DB Workout

This workout was the perfect combo of cardio + weights. Through every set of 8, I was struggling to hit that last rep and it was one of those bittersweet feelings. You want to scream in the moment because the burn is real, but in the end you feel so accomplished and proud that you finished.

You can adjust the weight of the dumbbells as needed, but always start heavier and then go down if you need. I used 10lbs for most and 20lb for the SL deadlifts.

Grab your dumbbells and let’s go!

3 Rounds

SL deadlift to clean knee drive x 8 each leg

elevated squat to curtsy x 8 each way

bulgarian split squat to hammer curl x 8 each leg

3 Rounds

squat to alt. curtsy (STAY LOW) x 10 total

weighted reverse burpee x 8


2-3 Rounds

weighted donkey kicks to fire hydrants x 8 each one then switch

straight leg tap side to side (see video) x 8

Good Luck and in need of an accountability partner ?

be sure to tag me @sweatyasamother #sweatyasamother

Full Body DB HIIT Workout

This workout targets the whole body and gives you the best of both worlds—you're building muscle and burning calories. All you need for this workout is a pair of dumbbells, some water and the space around you.

Complete 3-4 Rounds (Little to no rest)

20 reps of each exercise

Skier Swings

Alt. Push Press

Squat to Curtsy lunge

Shoulder Fly

Weighted High Knees

Good luck!! #Sweatyasamother

If you liked this workout be sure to check out another one of my workouts!

20 min amrap


All you need is yourself, a pair of dumbbells and 20 mins! Set your timers and let’s do this. It works all the right spots and try not to stop!!



Squat with heartbeat x 10

Weighted Burpee jack’s x 10 

DL to high pull x 10

Windmills x 5 each way 

Suitcase cleans x 10

Side lunge squat x 10 .


this workout can be done anywhere anytime ! If you don’t have dumbbells you can get creative and use soup cans, a baby 😉 or a medicine ball.





Marlie joined in on the fun at my lunchtime workout. 😂👏🏼her commentary is how we all feel during a tough workout. .


Save this workout and add it to your arm + ab routine. #workoutwednesday .



Arnold press x 15

bear rows x 20 

Weighted speed skaters x 20



Alt. Bend over rows x 20 

Outside curl tap middle x 12 

Seated truck drivers x 20


DB Full Body (Heavy Core) Workout

This one is a great one that really fires up and focuses on the core. Be sure to watch the video for proper form. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Grab your dumbbells (I used a pair of 10 lbs and a 25 lb one for the squats)

First 3 ROUNDS

Manmakers x 10

Unilateral weighted squat x 8 each side

1/2 turkish get up x 5 each side

Finish 4 Rounds

Plank DB to toes x 10

Plank knee to alt elbows x 10 each side (don’t alternate )

Halos x 20 total

DB Squat Jacks x 15

Now let’s get #sweatyasamother!

video Block
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Lunch Time Leg Workout

Another lunch time workout for Jax and I while Marlie slept. On the menu today: LEGS! Doing legs at home is a lot easier than you realize. You don't need any fancy equipment like a leg press machine, stair master, or a squat bar to fire up your lower-body muscles.

This one had my glutes on fire and I was so happy about it. You can do this circuit anywhere—your living room, a hotel room, a park — as long as you have some weights and space around you. That makes this workout the ultimate zero-excuse leg burner.

I used a 25 lb dumbbell for this workout and if you want to ramp it up you can add a band to the glute kickbacks and monster walks


DB squat to straight leg DL x 12

Glute kickbacks x 20 each leg

Goblet squat with 4 pulses at the bottom x 10

Single arm DB lunges x 12 each leg

HIIT Finisher 3x

Monster walks 4 forward and 4 back x 4

sprawl to squat x 12

fitting it in while we can

fitting it in while we can

Full Body workout you can do in your living room! (No equipment needed)

I am so excited to share this workout with you guys. This workout targets the whole body and gives you the best of both worlds—you're building muscle and torching calories! This workout doesn't require any equipment so just find a spot in your house, hotel room or outside and let’s go.

while i did this workout the kiddos played with daddy’s sled!

while i did this workout the kiddos played with daddy’s sled!

Check out the video on youtube below as I have demonstrated all of the moves! Sometimes the name of the exercises can vary.

Perform 3 rounds :

  1. Pushup knee drive or pushup sit through x 15

    • you can modify on your knees or do the advanced sit through

  2. Tricep dips x 12

    • you can lift one left and switch half way

  3. elbow to opp. knee crunches x 20 (10 each way)

  4. plank builders x 10

    • down, down, up, up is 1 rep.

4 Rounds HIIT finisher

  1. Crab touches x 20

  2. upside down donkey kicks x 20

  3. plank hops x 20

Good luck! and warning as always you will be #sweatyasamother after this one !!

Oh Baby!

As a mom, it can be hard to find time to workout and once you do find the time, sometimes the kids don’t want you to even put them down. That is why I am thankful for my Ergo 360 so I can wear my little one and do a workout.

It is fun to get creative and try to fit in as much as you can in the time you are give. I love a good challenge.

If you do not have a baby, don’t worry you can trade the baby for a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell!

I warmed up with 4 laps around the football field with the kids in the stroller (~.75 mi)

then I went through—

3 rounds of:

lunges x 20 (reverse lunges if you have knee issues)

Good mornings x 15

Side lunge with knee drive x 10 each direction

Dips x 15


I finished with a 3 mile run.

  • if you hate running or can’t run, try biking or going for a long walk!

Oh baby! Good luck

Oh baby! Good luck

DB Workout with HIIT Finisher

This is a great workout to do from any where as long as you have a pair of dumbbells!

The first 2 circuts are with weights and then the at one is HIIT (high intensity interval training) as I discussed in last weeks workout.

I love to finished with a HIIT type workout after a weight session to create that “after-burn”

Good luck and be sure to tag me @sweatyasamother #sweatyasamother if you complete this workout.


Single Arm Snatch x 15

Staggered deadlift x 10 each leg 

DB front squat to leg lift x 16 (I recommend adding a band around your lower leg)


Lateral lungs curl in the middle x  8 each direction 

Squat jumps x 20 

Dumbbell floor press x 15 

Finisher HIIT Burner


Star “Jax”  :20 seconds 

Mountain climbers :20 seconds 

Split lunges x :20 seconds 

Bicycles x :20 seconds 

Copy of PineappleExpress.png

Burn Baby HIIT workout

As a busy mom, I’m always looking to create workouts that are quick, burn a lot of calories, hit the whole body and make me feel good!

This workout is all of that and I am excited to share it to you this week.

High intensity interval training {HIIT} is proven to be one of the most effective forms of exercise for burning maximum calories in a short amount of time. Hence why it’s my go-to if I’m short on time. I also like to add it at the end of a strength-based workout to help create that “after-burn”. (burning calories hours after your workout)

You can do this at home, in a hotel room, or at the gym.

No equipment required (I recommend adding a band)

HIIT Workout

2 Minute Warm-Up ( I jumped rope)


:45 seconds each exercise

  1. Down Dog Knee to Elbow (go this from one of my best friends yoga classes at my favorite Studio on Palm —go check them out)

  2. Mountain Climbers

  3. jab cross jab cross + sprawl

  4. Jumping lunges

  5. Air Squat + kick back

  6. High Knees

  7. Launcher Push Up

  8. Lunge + Cross Body Crunch

  9. Reverse plank peddles

  10. Speed Skaters

little to no rest between sets

Cool Down + Stretch 

Burn Baby.png

**If you do not know some of these exercises, google is a good place to start or DM me on instagram. I will be doing this workout again and will try and film all of it so you can see what I mean by each one!