(PREGNANCY frieNdly) upper body burn

This upper body workout had my shoulders, back and biceps on 🔥. This is pregnancy friendly. 

During pregnancy, our growing uterus puts pressure on the two bands of abdominal muscles that meet in the middle of our stomach. This can cause them to separate in a condition known as diastasis recti (or abdominal separation). it is important to avoid activities and movements that cause "coning" as it can make it worse. I say this so you can be more aware! 

I am doing incline pushups to modify from a regular push-up. If you still need to modify you can try to do them on your knees. 


Pushups x 10 

DB Rows x 12


Hammer curls x 10

Seated shoulder press x 12

Bicep curls x 10 

Lateral raise x 10 

Front raise x 10 

Full workout is up on my website along with hundreds of other FREE workouts ! 💪🏼

Click here for a video of each exercise

Click here for a video of each exercise