50 seconds on 10 seconds off

I loved putting this together in my garage the other night. I was wanting to do something different from the normal rep workout and go for time this week. Going for time increases the cardio and allows for more reps. I like doing this type of workout when I am short on time.

I did not use any weights here just a slam ball.

You can do this workout anywhere and all you need to do is set a timer.(i used my apple watch) Try not to go past your 10 second rest which is basically nothing haha) so get ready for the next exercise quickly!

You will do each exercise for 50 seconds followed by a short 10 second rest or transition!

You can even add this workout after a heavy lift as a HIIT burner.

Have fun and don’t forget to tag me @sweatyasamother or #sweatyasamother and I’ll feature you adn give a shoutout on my story!

3 Rounds

:50 seconds each :10 second rest

  1. toe taps

  2. ball slam burpees

  3. alt. lunge slams

  4. shadow boxing

I will be posting the videos of this workout on my Instagram so go check out that post!! (

**If you have more time and more energy go do my any one of my other home workouts after!!

these are still shots of the video I will be posting 3.19.19! Sorry for the poor quality!