Lucky 20's Banded Workout

I am so excited to bring you this workout with my little mini, Marlie.

What started with a solo workout while she kicked the soccer ball around, turned into a fun mommy-daughter workout together. These are the moments where I forget all of the sleepless nights and tantrums. These moments are everything.

I will say my glutes were sore the next day and it felt so good. nothing like adding a band to a workout.

holding “mitts” so I can throw my jab crosses

holding “mitts” so I can throw my jab crosses

Go through 3 rounds of this all 20 reps!


  1. Squat jacks

  2. lunges

  3. push-up with a jack

  4. sit-up jab/cross

  5. lateral walks

(watch the video for a good laugh and cuteness overload)