Full Body Resistance Band Workout

The beauty of using resistance bands for training is that they can help lower the impact of exercises, yet still make the workout challenging. There’s a fine line between bodyweight squats and heavy barbell squats and resistance bands are right in the middle. Bodyweight movements are great, but adding resistance bands takes it to the next level.

I love loop resistance bands the most because you can make your workouts harder anywhere, anytime without even picking up a weight, a barbell, dumbbells or anything!

Hope you enjoy this workout. Put the band above your knees around your legs and lets go.


1/2 Burpee to hammer curl x10

plank lateral taps x 10 each way

glute bridge to knee drive x 12

glute bridge alt. press x 12


squat jack to heart beat x 10

squat hold dumbbell front raise x 10 seconds

curtsy lunge side kick x 8 each way

Full video is on my instagram (click button below)



These are the best bands because they won’t move !