5 Tips For Becoming More Successful at Reaching Your Goals

I am so excited to be back. My computer is charging, the holiday craziness is over, our sicknesses are long gone and I am ready to get back in the zone.

Can you believe we are halfway through the month of January? How are your “resolutions’ going? If you said not good, you’re right there with over 80% of people who also are unsuccessful at reaching their resolutions every year. Why is this? Well for starters, most people set these resolutions without having a plan or goals a long the way.

Personally, I do not set “resolutions”, but what I do is set goals for myself throughout the entire year—some big and some small— and I continue to check in with where I am. Hundreds of studies have been done, and they have all concluded that setting goals increases your success rate significantly—not only in your fitness goals, but in any area of your life!

If you are one of those people who has already fallen off the wagon, its not too late to set new goals. You do not need a “new year” or a “new you”, you just need a new day, a new purpose and a new goal— remember its the same you, just better!

For me, some of my current “small” goals are to workout 6x’s a week, meal plan and prep every week, go to bed with the house clean and keep up with my weekly blog, recipe and workout!

I wanted to share with you some tips on how to be successful this time around when setting goals for yourself

My Top 5 Tips to Reaching Your Goals :

1. Align your Goals with your Purpose

Do you find yourself setting the same goals, but somehow always losing motivation to be successful? This could mean that you are not motivated from within, and are only looking for external motivators to keep you going. This goes back to finding what your purpose is in life. Ask yourself—What energizes you? What drives you? What motivates you? Once you find this purpose, your goals will align with that purpose and for that reason you will be more likely to reach them. For example, my purpose in life is to spread my knowledge and passion for health and fitness, to surround myself with likeminded individuals and to raise happy healthy and confident kiddos. With this purpose in mind, I am able to make goals that align with this and I am more internally motivated rather than searching for external motivators.

2. Keep Your Goals Visible 

You know the saying “out of sight out of mind”…well same applies to your goals. Don’t let them be out of sight at any moment, because you want to remind yourself constantly why you started and how amazing you will feel when you get there. Whether it is making your goals your screen saver or lock screen, keeping post it notes around your bathroom or printing a picture to keep you motivated! For me, I keep my meal planner on the fridge and always update it. For my workouts, I always plan the week of workouts and put them in my phone so I am reminded that I need to complete it! I love getting the satisfaction of checking off things in my todo list, so this keep me constantly reminded to workout.

3. Accountability partner. 

Whether it is a friend or family member, find someone who is like minded and supports you and your goal. Having an accountability partner makes it so much easier to stay motivated because in the moments when you feel like saying “no” or “giving up”, that person will remind you why you wanted this and to keep going. For me, one of my biggest accountability partners is my husband. We always hold each other accountable and I love that I can rely on him to call me out when I do not follow through with things. Who is your accountability partner? If you need one, let me know on instagram and I would love to help!

4.You’ve got to want it more than you don’t want it.

I hear so many people tell me “I want to lose weight” That is a great goal, but I have them ask themselves “Am I willing to put all of my energy, effort, patience, and resources to reach my goal?” It’s natural to want things in your life without paying the price or working your ass off for it. So many people want to lose weight, but don’t want to exercise or get rid of their terrible eating habits—I get it. It is hard—I love the quote, “Success comes when you hit a tipping point and begin to desire your goal more than you dread the cost of reaching it.” It’s going to be tough, but I promise the end result will be worth all of the blood, sweat and tears. I promise it gets “easier” and once you hit your goal and you’ll be even more motivated to reach higher 🙌🏼

5. Celebrate the Small Victories Along the Way

As you work to reach whatever your goal may be, be sure to give yourself credit along the way. Celebrate the small stuff and try and not be so hard on yourself. There may be some set backs—actually I can guarantee there will be a few bumps in the road—but do not allow those bumps to derail you from your goals. You can do this. Celebrate those first few pounds you lose, the early wake-ups, the successful recipes and the new relationships. Keep your eye on the prize and give yourself all the credit where credit is due :-)

Goal setting is so important and can be done anywhere, any day , anytime.

Do you have any current goals—big or small? This is your time to be successful and I hope these 5 things can help you get there!

Cheers to the best year and the best you!

Most importantly — Love yourself.

Most importantly — Love yourself.