Toddler Meal Ideas

Since I can remember, I have included Marlie in our grocery shopping, planning of our meals, and then prepping and serving our meals. Yes, it does take a bit more time, but it has created Marlie to really enjoy meal time and she is willing to try most everything she creates. With that being said, we also have always fed our kids what we eat. I do not make a “special meal” for Marlie or Jax (except when we first introduced solids) or when I have already eaten and I make up something quick for just the kids.

So many of you have asked what I feed my kids, so I went back through my phone to find pictures of meals that we ate to show you. If you follow my instagram, you can see a lot of what we eat every day on my story! These pictures are not perfect and some of the other things they ate may not have made it on the plate, but I compiled them here for you to get inspired and I plan on adding more pictures in a few months!

One of the biggest things I have learned while feeding my kiddos, is to keep introducing things over and over because sometimes kids do not like something until the 10th or 11th time trying a food. I can say this is so true, because every time we would make asparagus, I would put it on Marlie’s plate and she did not like it. I kept putting it there and finally after about 10 times, she finally said “mommy yummy” and will eat the tips off the asparagus.

Exposing kids to a variety of flavors early in life "tends to produce kids who are more willing to try other things,". I love adding tons of spices and different flavors just as if I would eat and its crazy to see the things that Marlie likes. I will say, I recommend adding sauce (like bitchin, pesto, hummus) to veggies or something to dip in and Marlie tends to eat more veggies!

Another tip—I normally give Marlie fruit after she eats most of her meal as “dessert” that way she will eat more and not just fruit.

I roast almost all of our veggies and use avocado oil or olive oil. The veggies not only taste better, but it also adds healthy fats!

Again, these are things that have worked for us and yes. Marlie refuses to eat certain things, but if you know her, she is an incredible eater and so is Jax as he enters his 2nd month eating solids. Remember to bet the example and only keep healthy food and snacks in the house and make meal time fun and not stressful.

We use the ezpz mat/bowl to serve food and they are the best.

Jax uses the Silicone bibs (because baby lead weaning is messy)

Cream Rustic Spa Makeover Party Photo Collage.jpg

a few of Marlie’s favorite meals