15 Father's Day Gift Ideas for The Men in Your Life

Whether you’re shopping for your dad, husband, an uncle or a step-father, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for them year after year.

A great dad comes in many shapes, sizes, talents, and walks of life. But what sets your dad apart from everyone’s, is the special memories you have created and the things that you enjoy or enjoyed together. Show your Dad some love this year with a special and memorable gift.

This year, Father's Day falls on June 16, and I have put together a selection of gifts for all different types of dad’s —outdoor dad’s, sports dad’s, tech dad’s, beer drinking dad’s—From coffee to workout gear to tools, there's something here that will help you show your appreciation for your dad, husband, uncle, step-dad or grandpa.

First on the list—

  1. Insulated water bottle-

Everyone needs a good water bottle and my favorites are the hydroflask or the yeti. Something that is big enough where you do not have to fill it up often, but not too big that you can barely carry it around. It keeps you water cold for what seems like forever and also keeps anything hot that you put in. My husband is obsessed and it is great to take to work, camping, to the gym, to the airport to fill up or just to have in your house to remind yourself to drink water.

2. Daddy shark t-shirt (or his favorite song or character)

we have all heard the baby shark song (maybe one too many times) but the kids love it and having their dad or grandpa wearing it will be icing on the cake. My husband proudly wears his that i gifted him last year and he says that people everyone always comment on his “awesome” shirt. If daddy shark isnt his thing, gift him a papa bear or disney themed shirt. Who doesn’t love a classic T-shirt

3. Lululemon workout gear

I have never met a guy who isn’t in love with their lululemon pants or shorts. They are so comfy and come in so many different styles and colors. They are great to workout in but also for everyday wear. If you are military they offer a great military discount or if you are a trainer or instructor they do too.

4. Fire TV or Apple TV

For the people who love to watch netflix, hulu or watch youtube video or movies, this is a great gadget to have. It also is great if you have an iphone because you can connect and share photos and other things. It everything you love all in one place and on every screen (phone, computer, tv)

5. Waterproof portable charger

6. Hardside luggage

It is always nice to get new luggage if you love to travel or haven’t traveled in a while and need updated luggage. The hardside luggage is the way to go. It is durable, easy to pack, move around and just looks nicer! Pick a bright or print to stand out or go basic black for a sheek look for dad.

7. Neck massager

This massager is THE BEST and if you gift it to your husband, bonus you get to use it too hhaha. Destress and decompress after a hard work week. You can even put this on your back and it has a heated option too.

8. AirPods pods and/or case

If your dad or husband loves to listen to music while they workout, travel, or just around the house, these are the best. I also have a pair and they not only provide great quality sound, but they also stay charged forever. Win-Win and be sure to get a fun case for it to stay protected if they drop it.

9. Custom head socks

if you haven’t seen these yet, they are hilarious. For your dad to wear with his suit, or to just relax in at home haha these are the perfect gift to make him laugh. Put a funny picture of your kids or of your own face and it will be the gift of the year.

10. A French Press  

For the dad’s who love coffee, a french press is the way to go. They are super affordable and easy to use. The taste is so much better than a keurig and it is fun to try different blends.

11. Scratch map

has your dad traveled all around? or they are planning a lot of trips? This is fun to put in an office or in the living room to display where they have traveled and where they need to go. There are all different sizes, varieties and prices so be sure to find the right one that works with your dad’s space.

12. The tile key and phone finder

Does your dad or hubby tend to lose their keys or phone? well this tile key and phone finder is perfect for them. Save them the hassle and stress of always trying to find their items with this gift. It is sure to be a winner. I think I may need to get one for myself HA.

13. Quay sunglasses

these are super affordable and the lastest style! be sure to snag yourself a pair too as they have them for women too.

14. Best Swiss Army Knife and Multi Tools 

any guy loves a good knife and multi tool! There are so many great ones out there and here are a few highly rated ones.

15. A custom card, coupon, artwork. .etc.

when in doubt, go handmade and make it fun!

Hope you found these ideas helpful and can find the men in your life —Dad, husband. uncle, step-dad— something special this year!!

Father’s Day is Sunday June 16th this year!