5 Yoga Poses To Restore Energy and Balance Your Body

On the blog this week, we are continuing on the topic of stress in light of April being National Stress Awareness Month! Last week my friend discussed how essential oils can help you manage stress and this week I am so happy to have one of my best friends, Katherine Brock, owner of The Studio on Palm, talking meditation, breathing and yoga.

Let’s be real, I shared it in my ‘Perfect Storm'‘ blog entry, we all hit our breaking points and sometimes lose our cool—We are human. But there are things that we can do to help control how we react to stress and not only does this make us better moms, wives, humans, but it also keeps us healthier and more grounded. Before kids, I use to meditate often, practice yoga 1 x a week (on a good week) and had a lot more time to myself. Somewhere during the chaos of having two kiddos under 2, I was giving all of my time and energy to them and none to myself.

Fast Forward to now, I have finally decided to take back the reins and schedule more time for myself and you can too!

I asked Katherine to put together some things that us busy Mom’s can do at home to help us refocus and destress. I am thankful for Katherine, 1. because she is my best friend and is always there for me, but 2. because she is the best yoga instructor and has helped so many people stay grounded and feeling their best. She has so much knowledge about all of this and you are in for a treat. Mom’s we have the most stressful job and we need to stay on our A game at all times.

Thank you , Katherine for taking the time to share this with everyone and here she is:

Meditation — Breathing — Yoga

by: Katherine Brock

Whether you’re a work at home mom or you work away from home we are all  juggling so much, the toll it can take on our mind & body can leave us feeling over extended, exhausted and deprived. 

No matter your schedule there is time for self. Even 10-15 minutes will do the trick.

What we all have in common is our love for our family. When mom burns out it stresses our children and our marriage. So if you won’t do it for yourself do it for your family (to start;).

Fill your own cup so it runneth over! Self love. Self care

Here are some yoga poses to restore energy and balance your body: 

  1. COBRA










Breathing exercise: 

Inhale for 5 seconds exhale for 5, then inhale for 6, exhale for 6, inhale for 7, exhale for 7, inhale for 8, exhale for 8, inhale for 9, exhale for 9, inhale for 10, exhale for 10

she also recommends Trying a meditation or yoga app on your smartphone! If you have the apple watch, I use the breathing app on there and it is a great tool even with my 2 year old. She loves it.

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