Dr. Pop's Vitamin Lollipops for Kids Review

I get a lot of companies who DM me on instagram wanting me to try their products and most of the time I say no because I only want to try things that I 100% trust and would promote to you guys. When I got a message from Dr. Pops, I did some research and was really excited because they get great reviews and only use the best ingredients in their product.

Yesterday our package arrived and I let Marlie try them when she woke up this morning! She is obsessed. She has been asking about them and I told her they are special vitamin lollipops that help keep her healthy and feeling good. She hasn’t stopped talking about them. The “green ones” as she refers to them are Zinc + Vitamin C (tropical flavor) and are all natural, have no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives and no added sugar. They come in a pack of 12 they recommend one daily.

The orange package is honey & Eucalyptus + Vitamin C and are soothing and I bet these would be perfect for a sore throat. She tried both and said she “liked them both” She couldn’t pick a favorite.

You can find them on amazon 30 pack! i will be buying these and highly recommend the product!