Diets vs. A Healthy Lifestyle Change: Say goodbye to frustrations and hello to happiness

Most of us at some point or another have tried a diet for weight-loss. Especially in preparation for vacations, the summer months and special events. We have all been there. I don’t know about you but, dieting is no fun and in most cases, the weight eventually comes back. 

How we all feel about being on a diet

How we all feel about being on a diet

So what is a diet? A diet consists of temporarily changing your normal eating habits for a certain outcome— most common for weight loss— then you return to resume your normal eating habits after. I remember as a teenager hearing about the latest diets and diet products like slim fast, diet teas, Atkins etc. I wasted money on weight loss bars, shakes and things that left me hungry, irritable and waiting on results. I wish I knew what I know now about fitness and nutrition and I would have saved myself a lot of time, money and most importantly my health. 

If you have ever been on a diet, how did it make you feel? I know my answer is hungry, tired, frustrated and down right discouraged. 

This is because diets are generally short-term and not a permanent fix to the root of the issues. The quick fix is not the answer and I know some of you will hate me for saying that because you wish I had an answer that was as simple as do X and you will lose weight and keep it off haha. 

So you may be thinking well if she doesn’t like the term dieting as a way to lose weight, then what does she recommend? My answer and what I tell all of my clients, is making a long-term lifestyle change that you will slowly adopt and then follow for the rest of your life. 

So what does this consist of ?

  • Eating a variety of healthy, whole foods to nourish your body

  • Working on eating in moderation, and not restriction

  • Listening more to our body (being mindful)

  • Exercising regularly 

  • Losing weight safely about 1-2 lbs per week 

  • Measuring progress beyond a number on the scale (the way you feel, fit in clothes, etc.)


This doesn’t mean that you won’t have times where you gain a little weight here and lose some weight here —weight management is a lifelong journey. Hormones happen, pregnancy happens, stress happens. Trust me I do not stay at my same weight 100% of the time. As a busy mom of two, I struggle to always put myself first, but have made my health a priority because if I am functioning at my best, I am a better mom to my kids. What is your why?

No matter what stage of life you are in, you should always be mindful of what you are putting into your body and things you are doing to stay active. I promise once you find a good groove, it almost becomes second nature. It shouldn’t stress you out or make you feel bad (like most diets), it should make you excited because as a result of this lifetime change you have never felt better! 

Now a big thing to remember that all of our bodies are different and what works for me may not work for you, so listen to your body and find what works for you!

I want you to be successful at reaching your goals and to get off the weight loss/gain rollercoaster you have been riding for too long. I want you to say good-bye to the frustrations, the hunger pains and the exhaustion you use to feel when it came to dieting. I want you to know that you are worth it and you deserve this and most importantly you CAN do it! It may take some trial and error, but making these lifestyle changes will teach you to listen to what your body is telling you. Stick with it and know that results may be slower, but they will be more permanent. 

set your health as a priority and find what works for you!

set your health as a priority and find what works for you!

So, here we go! I want you to start by setting S.M.A.R.T goals, start small, get an awesome accountability partner and GET EXCITED! You will not regret it!

There are a zillion diets out there and any that promise quick weight loss, fast results or instant success are lying to you and you are better than them! I want you to get excited about making a healthy lifestyle change and becoming more mindful of what you are putting into your body.  Who is in?