Leg Day

I started with a 20 minute weighted Stairmaster workout.(using a weight vest RUNmax RUNFast RM_20 Pro Weighted Vest, 20 lb.)

You can break up the stairmaster if you want (for example 5 mins then some weights and then 5 minutes).

If you do not have a stairmaster. You can do an incline treadmill workout for 20 minutes.

Then complete the following leg workouts!

My legs/glutes were crying!


Deadlifts x 10

Reverse barbell lunges x 15 each leg

DB Thrusters x 20


Weighted walking lunges x 20

Bulgarian split squats x 10 each leg

Single leg DB deadlifts x 10 each leg

Give it a go. tag @sweatyasamother and #sweatyasamother

Good luck!