Cheap Date Night Ideas

From Thrifty Frugal Mom


1.  Go on a Picnic 
This is such a simple, but fun way to enjoy just hanging out together!  Sometimes, to change things up we’ll grab a Domino’s pizza or some subs instead of packing all of our food.  Then I just need to throw together a salad or some fruits|veggies and we’ve got a quick, delicious meal! Since I mostly cook all of our meals from scratch, this is a real treat for us!

2.  Go Hiking
Even if you’re like us, and aren’t super outdoorsy, hiking or walking trails can be a fun way to spend time together!  Several of my best date memories actually involve times when we did this.  

3.  Hang out at a Coffee Shop
Grab a coffee (or smoothie or chai!) and hang out talking with the one you love.  This is especially perfect for those dates when you feel like you have lots of catching up to do or have specific things that you want to discuss together!

4.  Free Museum Night
Many museums and attractions have free days|nights when they allow anyone to visit for free.  Check to see when the tourist spots in your area have their free days and go and enjoy some local culture!

5.  Go Through Old Photos
Taking a walk down memory lane is always fun!  Pull out old pictures from before you were together and share their stories with each other.  Or reminisce of your early years together as you look at photos capturing life then.

6.  Head to the Bookstore
Most Barnes and Noble stores have spots where you can sit and read and they typically also have a Starbucks inside too.  We love to browse for books, grab a dessert or drink to share and then sit and enjoy our books together.  We’re both book lovers, so this is a favorite, easy-to-do date of ours.  

7.  Put Together a Puzzle
Turn on your favorite music, grab a puzzle and see how fast you can work together to complete your it!  If you need some inexpensive puzzles, this cat one or this beach one look fun to do!

8.  Take an Online Quiz
A fun way to learn to know and understand each other better is through online quizzes like The Love Language Quiz and the Enneagram Assessment.

9.  Visit Open Houses
Google “open houses near me today” and then choose a few to go check out.  It’s a great way to get ideas for your own home or even just to get a feel of what kinds of houses are in your area.


10.  Go Out for Dessert 
I love going out to eat, but it can get pricey so quickly!  So sometimes, we’ll just go out for dessert instead.  It keeps thing inexpensive, but lets us still have the fun of eating out.

11.  Explore your City | Go on a Walk
Take a stroll around your neighborhood.  Head to a new area of your city and have fun exploring!  The only rule, of course, is that you have to hold hands!   Want to make it more interesting?  Try doing an alphabet nature scavenger hunt while you’re at it.

12.  Get in the Kitchen
Have fun making a favorite recipe, or peruse Pinterest together and choose a new one to try!

13.  Take a Drive
Hop in the car and go explore somewhere new.  Or just enjoy the scenery in a local rural area. If you don’t feel like talking much, pop in your favorite CD or listen to an audio book together.