What it takes to Burn off your favorite Halloween Candy

Today is Halloween— aka “day of the candy” — your house most likely has a giant bowl of candy ready to hand out or your kids are headed out to bring some home.

Before you think about (over) indulging in these fun size delights; I am here to remind you that what goes in must be burned off to stay on track with your goals. 

Remember that life is about balance and the occasional treat is okay, but overdoing anything can become unhealthy. 

I have compiled some “fun” examples of what it will take to burn off the candy you are thinking about eating this Halloween (or maybe anyway haha). Remember it is okay to have a few, but it can add up quickly. 

Click picture to see!

Click picture to see!

Here are some examples if you eat a certain candy, what you would have to do to burn it off-

Is it worth it? from slenderkitchen.com

Is it worth it? from slenderkitchen.com

From popsugar

From popsugar

Do we really only eat ONE fun size…let’s be real. The scary truth. Makes you think about how many you want to eat now doesn’t it?

Ain’t that the truth hahah

Ain’t that the truth hahah

Some healthy alternatives for that sweet tooth!

-Dark chocolate almond butter cups

-Home made trail mix (I like almonds, cashews, shaved unsweetened coconut, goji berries, cacao nibs)

-Perfect bar

-Frozen grapes (they taste like skittles)

-My homemade frozen banana ice cream (if you have no tried this yet, its a must) SO simple too 

-Fresh fruit with whipped cream topping

-Banana with PB/almond butter/honey

-Dates stuffed with almond butter

-Dried figs with dark chocolate chunks


Have fun and post pictures of your kiddos costumes