Tips For Fitting in Exercise to Your Busy Schedule

Have you ever told yourself, “ I am going to workout” and then some how the day gets away from you and you still have yet to make time to workout. If you answered yes, then these tips are for you!

Many of us feel that we do not have enough time to exercise. Whether we are exhausted taking care of a newborn, chasing after toddlers, or working multiple jobs, a day can end without any exercise in sight. Plus, many people even feel guilty taking time away from the kids/family to workout.

On my instagram, I made a post asking what is your why—Why do you workout? I loved hearing all of your Why’s. ! Many answers included “working out gives me more energy, helps me lose weight, improves my mood, tones my muscles, and makes you healthier. You owe it to yourself and your family to stay as healthy as you can. I know I say it a lot but it all adds up! Even a 10-minute workout a few times a day can make a difference. You are worth it!

gotta get it in somehow

gotta get it in somehow

Here are some of my tips for fitting in workouts into our busy lives!

1.Schedule in your workouts just like an appointment: Make sure you have your workout schedule as well as a workout plan so you are more likely to stick with it. Sign up for a class (my favorite TITLE Boxing Club San Diego) I mentioned it in my last blog about tips for becoming more successful with your goals and it applies here too! You are more likely to workout if it is actually

2. Take advantage of naptime/lunch time . Plan to go for a run or walk with your running stroller while your kiddos sleep. You get in some cardio while your kid(s) gets some fresh air. Plan to bring water/snacks/activity incase they wake up before you are done. If you do not feel like doing cardio, plan on doing a body weight workout or if you have weights, plan a workout. Make sure to have a plan (come workout with me from home and try TITLE Boxing club on-demand). I have found that the last thing I wanted to do after work is work out. If you can workout near where you work before or after or during a break, do it! When in doubt, don’t wait it out.

Much needed fresh air and a run. Thank god for my  B.O.B !

Much needed fresh air and a run. Thank god for my B.O.B!

3. Find a workout buddy. Nothing like a friend to call you up and say, let’s go for a jog or meet at the gym. Mom’s you can even trade off watching each other’s kiddos to make time for each other's workouts. I love having friends who love to workout like I do, because it is so motivating and encouraging to not do it alone. Find someone you know will hold you accountable and help keep you on track.

4. Combine playtime and exercise. While I am playing with my kiddos, I use my favorite exercise bands to do routines on the floor or while standing. You can make working out fun, having your kids count for you or even join in! If you follow my instagram, you can get ideas on how to include your kiddos or even wear your kiddos with your baby carrier! I am even that mom that is squatting at the park while my toddler plays. It all adds up. If you have older kiddos, play sports with them — basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, etc.

Marlie joining in our our workout

Marlie joining in our our workout

5. When in doubt wear workout clothes (or bring them with you). If you have ever met me, I was probably in workout clothes. If you have ever seen me on instagram, I am always in workout clothes. Yes, I am a trainer and I have the luxury of always wearing workout clothes. I promise you if you wear your workout clothes and tell yourself you cant change until you actually workout, it is motivating. If you are not able to wear workout clothes all the time like most, bring them with you all the time. You never know you may have a cancellation at work, a break, a change of schedule and boom there are some workout clothes so you can take advantage of that time. (don’t forget tennis shoes too)

6. Turn chores into workouts. While doing the dishes, add in squats, lunges, calf raises. Really focus on keeping your core tight and glutes engaged. Here are some great ideas click here

7. Make date nights/date days active.  go for a long walk/run, go to the gym, play a sport, or go on a bike ride: Do something you can do with your partner that builds in time together with exercise—win win.

8. Something is better than nothing. My mantra is always “something is better than nothing”. Mom’s you know how things do not always go exactly as planned and most of the time your little ones come before you. Even before I had kids and was working full-time, I trained people all day and taught classes, but struggled to get in my own training! Don’t beat your self up over it— Do what you can on work days or days you feel completely exhausted Mom’s— even if it is 20 minutes or in 10 minute increments. Just move. Save your longer workouts for the weekend or a day when you have more time.

9. Make it fun. If you dread your workouts, you won’t want to do them and eventually you will fall off. I recommend finding a workout that you find fun — try something new—find a fitness program online that you connect to the trainer or go to a gym where you love the vibe. Not only will you be more likely to fit exercise into your busy schedule but you will actually be excited to make that time! yes you may be really busy (aren’t we all) but if you want to make it a priority, you will find the time. Also treat yourself!! have fun and go get yourself some new fun workout clothes. xoxo

Make exercise a priority in your life! Time is just an excuse. It may not be your best workout, but it is better than nothing. I promise you never regret working out. I hope you find these tips helpful and I would love to hear what works for you xoxo