Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone

Christmas at the Del

Christmas at the Del

Finding a special gift that is creative, meaningful, or useful for your family and friends can be one of the trickiest things this holiday season. I don’t know about you, but I am guilty of always waiting till last minute to get all of my shopping done. 

The good news: I have shared with you below my favorite things that I have or have given as a gift in hopes that it may spark an idea for you! Whether you want have a small budget or a large one, there is a gift idea for you!

If you’re reading this with just a few days to go until Christmas, you’ll be happy to know that I have linked most of these to amazon and you know what that means 2 DAY SHIPPING baby!! #AMAZONPRIME4LIFE

Happy Holidays everyone! 

My Must Have Gift Lists

For the Women in Your Life:

  1. Instant pot — if you have been following me on instagram, you probably guessed that his would be my number one item. I promise it will be worth the money the moment you use it. 

  2. Roomba— I have a dog and 2 young kids and this has saved me 945093 hours! I have mostly all hardwood or finished concrete in our house, with a few rugs, and “Ronda”—as I have named her— does a perfect job cleaning up all of the hair and dirt around the house. Not to mention, my toddler is obsessed with “turn ronda on please”. 

  3. Essential oil diffuser—I could not live without my diffuser. We have one in every room. My mom got these for us and I have now gifted this to everyone! I 

  4. Kora Fitness leggings— I am obsessed with this brand for many reasons. 1 they are amazing quality and have both boy and girls clothes! 2 with every purchase, you can chose one of their 4 charities and they give a portion of your purchase to that charity! Also for the holiday season they sponsored a family and added a 5th option to help buy them their Christmas list! How amazing is that? I love my new “seamless” pants, but you can’t go wrong with any of their gear. Be sure to use TaylorMerritt15 for 15% off!

My Kora fitness seamless leggings with my sassy sidekicks

My Kora fitness seamless leggings with my sassy sidekicks

  1. Whole 30 instant pot cook book—if you know someone who has the instant pot or slow cooker, this is a perfect gift for them. There are tons of amazing recipes here and are easy to follow 

  1. AncestryDNA — this was our gift this year! I am super excited to get our results on Christmas Day. 

  2. Nutrabullet— We have had the nutrabulet for years now. It is truly the greatest thing for quick smoothies or sauces. I have even made almond butter and soups. So easy to clean and doesn’t take up much room. 

  3. Planner—I was gifted a new fitness planner and I am in love with it.  Not to mention the AMAZING stickers!! Yes, I am like a child, but trust me this is my favorite one yet. 

  4. Cookware —Last Christmas Spencer got me this pan set and it is still in perfect condition. They are truly nonstick and I cook a lot. Easy to clean and a good price for the quality! 

  5. Fuzzy socks with aloe— If it was acceptable to wear them all winter long and never take them off…I would!

  6. Exercise bands— super cheap and can use them anywhere! 

7. A Candle — you cannot go wrong with a nice candle! 

For the Baby or Toddler in Your Life:

  1. A custom quilt — These are such a unique and beautiful gift. My cousin makes these by hand and each of my kiddos have one. You can customize them and make them unique to whoever you are gifting them too!

From Liz—“The best part of making quilts is getting the kids and the customers involved. Giving them a sense of ownership and creativity is priceless. It is hard work and they see the value in the finished product. Buddy helped design his and smiles every night when he uses it and is proud and thankful for something special that is JUST for him! My Quilts aren't ever perfect, but they are thoughtful and made to use and be loved."

Order yours now!! You won’t regret it. 

Contact Info:

Liz- IG: @lohequilts E-Mail:

Christmas Quilt

Christmas Quilt

  1. SD zoo pass— a unique gift and if you live somewhere else, find a cool museum or zoo and parents will thank you!

One of our many adventures to the Zoo! The gift that keeps giving

One of our many adventures to the Zoo! The gift that keeps giving

  1. The Toddler Cookbook— one of our new favorites—Was just gifted to us! books are great gifts and whether its holiday themed or not, they will cherish them forever!

  2. Puzzles—Marlie is obsessed with puzzles and we love our Melissa and Doug. Can’t go wrong. 

  3. Fuzzy PJ’s—Can’t have enough fuzzy footy pj’s. 

  4. Doc-a-tot- If you know someone who is having a baby or you have a baby and want them to sleep. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! Perfect in their crib and then bring it when you travel. Come in toddler size too. 

  5. Trampoline— Marlie just got his for her bday and it is a hit. (She is 2)

  6. Ornament - a unique ornament for that year. I love looking back at every ornament I got each year! Fun to put on the tree now with my own kids. 

  7. Jumpy/activity gym— this has been loved by both my daughter and now son. They love it and keep them entertained for a while! It also grows with them as they get older. I have to mention too that both my kids always poop in this this haha which is nice when you have a baby that needs to go (mom’s you know what I am talking about). 

  8. Skip-hop backpack— got these for my kiddos this year! Can’t wait for them to see them. They are great quality and super affordable—not to mention the cute animals designs. 

He has always loved his docatot

He has always loved his docatot

The best activity gym/jumper!

The best activity gym/jumper!

Skip hop backpacks! + matching waterbottle1

Skip hop backpacks! + matching waterbottle1

For the Men in Your Life

  1. Blender bottle— these are always lost, or left in the car with protein in it and once that happens there is no getting that smell out hah. Such an affordable gift for your man (or woman) in your life!

  2. Hot sauce variety pack— this gift never goes wrong with my hubby, He loves loves loves hot sauce and its so fun to try new ones with the giant variety packs. 

3. A Book: Children of Blood and Bone— My hubby is always reading and keeps a list of books he wants to read. Here is one of his favorite by our friend, Tomi! A must read

Marlie “reading” Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Marlie “reading” Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

4. T-shirt—Daddy shark T-shirt that I got him for father’s day as some what of a joke and for our daughter…but honestly he wears it frequently and always gets complaints from other dads at work haha. 

5. Scratch map—Spencer has this hanging in his “office” of the wall and loves to scratch off places he has been ! A great visual. This one is super affordable, not too big, but perfect for what we wanted. 

6. photo book— I love to make photo books of either trips, the past year, or a special occasion! I do mine through the apple iphoto.

7. Fun socks — these are definitely in right now!

8. Garmin Fennix watch— my hubby loves this watch (yea it is expensive..there are cheaper versions) but he loves it and it has been through a lot and hasn’t skipped a beat. It tracks literally everything and is fully waterproof too!

Hope you find these ideas helpful! Please comment any other great gift ideas you have! Together we can get through the season of giving!


xoxo Taylor

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