8 Tips For a Healthy Summer

Summer time is officially upon us and for some that means school’s out, kids are home, routines are changing and that equals total chaos. It can be so hard to stay on track especially when we have vacations planned, BBQ’s, pool parties, concerts, and the list go on!


Aside from the winter months, Summer is a time that a lot of people tend to fall off track with their regular diet and workout routines. The last thing you want to be thinking about while you are trying to enjoy yourself during these long summer days is about your diet. If you follow me or have trained with me, you know I am a huge advocate of allowing yourself to indulge in your favorite treats from time to time, but I also stress how important it is to find the right balance between the two. 

There are so many things you can do to keep yourself feeling your best this summer with all of the schedule changes and warm weather festivities— I have put together a list of 8 ways to help you stay on track. Simple things like swapping out unhealthy choices for healthier ones, switching up your workouts and my favorite sleep and meditation! You don't have to deprive yourself, but you also don't want to have to start from square one when September comes around.

1.Get Outside (early) to Exercise 

Pick one outdoor activity a day-- going on a hike, taking a nature walk, playing games such as tag with your kids, cycling, roller blading, or swimming —I recommend getting your workouts done early, because the day gets away from us so quickly and you will feel so much better if you finish it first. I don’t know about you, but I love to workout outside —getting sun, fresh air and a good sweat, win win! (be sure to wear sunscreen, that’s the mom and public health major in me) 

IMG_4752 2.JPG

Some outdoor ideas:

  • Bike instead of drive 

  • Try a different walking or running route

  • Take an outdoor fitness class with friends

  • Join an outdoor volleyball league

  • Do a sunrise yoga class

  • Hire a trainer and workout outdoors

  • Go try a new hiking spot



2. Choose Your Drinks Wisely

When in doubt, drink water. That is always my golden rule and I normally only drink water and kombucha. You can make water more interesting by adding lemon or mint, or when you are needing some carbonation— my go to is spindrift. I am also a huge iced tea drinker in the summer months, but make sure you are not drinking a tea loaded with sugar. I know many will be asking what alcoholic drinks to choose, so I found a page that has healthier alcoholic drink recipes —click here and one that gives you options when ordering out—click here. (my fav on this list is to add vodka to kombucha!) Since I have Celiac, I cannot drink beer and not really a fan, so if I do drink, I will have a glass of pinot noir or a hard kombucha.

3.Contribute Something Healthy To Parties 

Whenever I am invited to a BBQ or party, I always contribute something that is healthy, delicious and something that everyone can enjoy. Get creative with your regular types of summer treats and here are some summer swaps to save calories—click here.

4. Grill All The Veggies


Grilling veggies gives them so much flavor and can help you fill up your plate with goodness rather than all of the other items that may be available. You can throw vegetables directly onto the grill or into a grilling basket. I love to grill when I can and it is fun to mix is up from the normal sauteed or steamed veggies. Try grilling bell peppers, onions, brussel sprouts or onions! 

5. Sleep and Meditate.

If you don’t do this already, you should! As a mom of 2 littles, some weeks are better than others. ha. but as you may know, getting enough sleep is vital to feeling good, losing weight and staying healthy—its so easy to forget. When you are getting enough sleep, anything is possible, am I right?. Throw in some meditation and you will thank me! You can read some more about this by clicking here

6. Find an Accountability Partner 

I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many friends who are like me and like to workout. It keeps me in check even on the days when I would much rather just go to the beach and be lazy. Even my 2 year old reminds me, “mom, let’s do a workout,.” I don’t know about you but for me it is much more fun to workout with someone and share my healthy food choices with them. If you can’t think of anyone close to you, you can always text or call your friend, sister, mom, etc. When in doubt, can always use me as your accountability partner and tag or message me on instagram. I will be sure to call you out when I haven’t seen or heard from you in a while.

7. Eat more Watermelon 

If you know me, I bet this isn’t a shocker that I put this on this list. If you don’t know me, well I’m totally obsessed with watermelon. For starters, it tastes delicious and is so refreshing, but it is also low in calories (only 92 calories per 2-cup serving), and it fills you up because it's 92 percent water—which helps keep you hydrated —and as a busy mom, this is a WIN. One cup of watermelon has 7.5 to 10 milligrams of the antioxidant lycopene, which is a good source of vitamins A and C, and also contains potassium, vitamin B6 and thiamin. Talk about a win-win right there! If you don’t know how to pick a good watermelon, click here!

8. Plan it out



Whether you are a working mom juggling kids being home 24/7, a stay a home mom trying to stay sane entertaining the kids all day or someone who is looking find balance in the summer months—if you fail to plan, plan to fail! Tips 1-7 will be easier to accomplish if you take the time to plan your summer out. From kids schedules, to vacations, work schedules, to appointments, workouts, grocery shopping—the list goes on—if you write it all out, it really helps. having a visual of the next couple months a plan of action, will help you be more successful at staying healthy this summer.


**Bonus tip**

9 . Have fun!!

when in doubt, try and enjoy yourself. Before we know it, the summer will be behind us, and we will be gearing up for the craziness of the holiday season ;-)

XOXO Taylor